Twelve Reasons Why One Should Use The Fuel Card – AVAAL Blue


Twelve Reasons Why One Should Use The Fuel Card – AVAAL Blue

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The AVAAL Blue Fuel Card offers several benefits for trucking companies in the US and Canada. As a fleet owner, you understand the value of fuel discounts and effective pricing, perhaps safety is also a point of concern.
Here are some major factors, why you must opt for an AVAAL BLUE fuel card.

  • Cost Savings: The AVAAL Blue Fuel Card provides pre-negotiated fuel discounts, allowing businesses to save money on fuel purchases.
  • Wide Acceptance: It is accepted at over 18,000 truck stops across 200,000 locations nationwide, making it convenient for drivers and fleet managers.
  • Dual Usage: The card can be used at both truck stops and gas stations, providing flexibility for refueling.
  • Controlled Spending: Fleet managers can limit spending by setting restrictions based on amount, time of day, product type, and more.
  • Driver PIN Authorization: To prevent misuse, the card requires driver PIN authorization for transactions.
  • Automatic Expense Tracking: The card streamlines accounting by automatically tracking fuel expenses, eliminating the need for collecting paper receipts.
  • Easy Reporting: Fleet managers can generate one-click reports to analyze spending patterns by employee, location, and time.
  • Mobile App: AVAAL offers a mobile app for finding the best fuel prices and managing fuel accounts while on the go.
  • Enhanced Security: Transactions outside spending limits are blocked at the pump, ensuring security.
  • Real-Time Balances: The online app provides real-time card balances and transaction details.
  • Fraud Protection: The AVAAL Blue Fuel Card includes industry-leading controls to prevent fraudulent use.
  • WEX EDGE Savings Network: Access additional savings through the WEX EDGE network.

 How to apply for the fuel card?

Follow these steps, to get an AVAAL Blue Fuel Card:

  1. Apply Online: Visit the AVAAL Blue website and fill out the application form.
  2. Verification: After applying, your application will be verified.
  3. Receive Your Card: Once approved, you’ll receive your AVAAL Blue Fuel Card.

To avail the extra benefits, Check your eligibility for AVAAL Blue+ Fuel Card!

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