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Explore the benefit of Fuel card with AVAAL

What is the best fuel card for truckers in north America?

If you are looking for a way to save money and manage your fuel expenses better, you might want to consider getting a fuel card. A fuel card can be a credit card or pre-paid card that can be used to pay for fuel at participating outlets across the country. Fuel cards offer many benefits for both individuals and businesses, such as:


How to save more money with a fuel card?

A business fuel card will help your business save money on petrol, diesel, or gas. The card will offer discounts based on your fuel usage and the network of stations it covers.
If you have a larger fleet, using a fleet card can make it easy to file IFTA reclaim taxes.

Drivers can also receive itemized receipts to show their spending, reducing the need for long and time-consuming...

Benefit Of Using A Fuel Card

A fuel card can help you manage your fuel expenses more efficiently. It will give you access to information on your fleet’s fuel usage.

This will help you optimize your efficiency and keep your budget intact. In addition, it will provide you with reports on your drivers’ habits, which can help you arrange driver training.

Fuel cards can be helpful to business owners of all sizes. They will enable you to save money...

Avaal Launched | Fuel Card Blue & Blue+ for your fleet-Buy Now

AVAAL launched its fuel card AVAAL BLUE & BLUE+ on 1st November 2022. The AVAAL Blue+ Fuel Card is an exclusive benefit for AVAAL customers.

It comes packed with incredible cost savings, pre-negotiated fuel discounts, industry-leading security, reporting, and the ability to fuel at truck stops and gas stations nationwide.

This Blue Fuel Card enhances the ability to help you save time, money, and...