Avaal Launched | Fuel Card Blue & Blue+ for your fleet-Buy Now

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Avaal Launched | Fuel Card Blue & Blue+ for your fleet-Buy Now

AVAAL launched its fuel card AVAAL BLUE & BLUE+ on 1st November 2022. The AVAAL Blue+ Fuel Card is an exclusive benefit for AVAAL customers.

It comes packed with incredible cost savings, pre-negotiated fuel discounts, industry-leading security, reporting, and the ability to fuel at truck stops and gas stations nationwide.

This Blue Fuel Card enhances the ability to help you save time, money, and fuel by offering industry-leading controls, fraud protection, and savings on fuel purchases.

This program is designed to help you build stronger relationships while further positioning your brand as an integral part of their daily operation.

One of the best things about the AVAAL blue fuel card is that it serves all sizes of fleets, both at truck stops and gas stations. 

It also maximizes your fuel expense savings, gives total control with fuel fraud protection, and complete visibility on spending.

Where you can use Avaal blue fuel card

It Works at 99% of all truck stops in the U.S., Many in Canada (18,000 truck stops in North America, 1200 locations in Canada), as well as service facilities (tire and repair merchants) Blue+, has a second network of 200,000 sites; in U.S. (gas stations, convenience)

The largest proprietary network of fuelling locations (the U.S. and Canada) – coast-to-coast spread.

All major truck stop chain acceptance:

Accepted at 270 TA, Petro locations offer retail minus 14 cents, and 600 Love’s sites offer retail minus 5.5 cents.

Get 1,200 small independent chains offering 5 cents to $1 plus savings (as of 10/21/22). You can opt out of prepaid or credit cards based on your eligibility.

All the discounts and features will remain the same for Avaal Blue prepaid and credit cards. 

AVAAL waives the monthly fees completely. Even if the carrier applies directly with EFS/WEX, our partners will charge them a $55/month management fee. The application process is simple and hassle-free; go to www.avaalblue.com and fill out the application form and apply; in case more information is required, call +1 877-995-1313